There are many, many pet foods on the market that are presented to the pet owner. This makes the decision difficult and confusing with so many choices and philosophies around what we should be feeding our pets. We can help guide you through this process.

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a growing concern and can result in a broad range of health problems therefore weight control is one of the most important things pet owners can do to increase the length of their pets lives.  Health problems include — amongst others — high blood pressure and increased risk of heart and kidney disease, fatigue, arthritis and reduced mobility, diabetes, skin conditions and ultimately a shorter lifespan. Weight counselling is available with one of our trained staff members.

Nutrition & Diet

Veterinary nutritionists are committed to providing a complete and balanced diet. The quality of a pet food should be judged on the basis of its nutrient profile not by its list of ingredients. We are partnered with companies that invest in scientific research to develop products that are complete and balanced and can serve the nutritional needs of our pets to the best of our ability.

These companies have veterinarians on staff to help with complicated cases as some individuals may require unique dietary recommendations.